Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

Ubuntu Natty Narwhal install - now with Youtube and HTML5 !

When you install a new OS like Windows, you will spend a lot of time just looking at the slowly moving progress bar. But not in Ubuntu!

Watch Youtube while installing Ubuntu Natty Narwhal!
I'm installing Ubuntu 11.04 right now on my Acer ASPIRE 5742G. But even the Ubuntu installation takes some time, so I opened up Firefox and visited my Homepage.

And I was pretty surprised when I was perfectly able to watch the Family Guy Dubstep Video i uploaded a week ago. The Adobe Flash player was not even installed. Seems like Ubuntu 11.04 and the shipped Firefox 4 browser support HTML5 videos Out Of The Box.

Good job Canoncial and the Ubuntu Community! And thank you Youtube for enabling HTML5 embedded Videos!

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Bouchequett hat gesagt…

why ubuntu can't run on my computer, i don't know why, but i love the OS, pricipally for the security, thnxs bro +1

Wolle hat gesagt…

ubuntu is really nice

ruse hat gesagt…

I started using Ubuntu for a while, but my productivity slowed because I wasn't used to it, so I changed back to Windows. Also, I just used Wine (windows compatibility layer) for everything.

I have no doubt that someone possessing adequate knowledge to use Ubuntu properly would be more productive with it than Windows. You have inspired me to learn to use it. :)

Lundra hat gesagt…

I love UBUNTU, great blog!

Watchtower Corp. hat gesagt…

Compared to snow leopard, which one is better

dende hat gesagt…

regarding ui consistency i would say snow leopard, but hey, Ubuntu is free. And far more configurable

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